The Common Conservative in real life is Michael “Mike” Yost.

Living in Jacksonville, Fl., and a former Republican Candidate for the US House in Florida’s 5th Congressional District in 2010, Mike offers a unique perspective on Conservatism and the values he embraces.

Having been in the automobile industry most all of Mike’s life, he has perspective on what it is like to be a small business owner as well as an employee of others. He has signed both sides of a paycheck at one time or another. He believes in the principle of hard work and honesty with people and you can achieve any dream or goal you set for yourself.

Our America is the greatest nation that the world has ever seen. Mike still believes that the US Constitution was written for all ages and it’s interpretation is best left to those who wrote it. He sees America sliding farther away from the Constitution and closer to something we as Americans should despise. His vision for his children and grandchildren is a free America where Liberty stands as the foundation we can build on.

Join us, read us, and most importantly, share YOUR views on Mike’s posts. Out strength is in numbers and Mike asks for many who love America as much as he does. Opposing views are welcome, but comments must be civil and in the interest of discussion, not destruction.

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