Pat Cadell

It Took a Democrat, Pat Caddell, to Expose the Republican Consulting Class of Failure

Pat Caddell called it right. Republicans need to quit listening to all these “experts” who might win a couple of their candidates elections. Even Sarah Palin, at her CPAC speech, had very unfavorable things to say about the same Washington Republican establishment.

Caddell even exposed the massive amount of “back slapping” that occurs in the Republican consulting class in that IF you don’t hire “our guy” you don’t get the money. Does it REALLY happen?

Absolutely. I should know as I ran for Congress in 2010 and the politics behind the scenes is far greater than that in front of the public. Without “party” support, I forged ahead and made an impact by winning a Primary election and losing the General. Could things have been different? Perhaps, but one will never know since no one “from the party” would step forward with any amount of ad buys or support of any kind. Basically, I wasn’t on the list that anyone cared much about and I didn’t have one of the high powered “consultants” on board since they had already written off the race in the first place. In other words, there was no money to be made with support for my campaign.

Face it, the Democrats have something that Republicans haven’t had since Reagan won in 1980- a TRUE grassroots effort to actually get out the vote. They have relied on the “consulting class” to put together slick campaign ads and air them wherever they could and hope that people turn out to vote. Sure, the local Republicans make a few phone calls in an effort to reach voters, but there aren’t many face-to-face visits from real people who believe in the effort to win. Without that, Republicans are going to keep lagging behind and never really winning the “un-winnable” elections.

In my Primary run, I was told I would finish dead last. But I took a 15 point win. How did I do it? The face to face campaigning by countless believers and volunteers who knocked on doors and met people face to face. I was involved heavily as well meeting people and talking about the real issues and real solutions. I also qualified by Petition and it required people to meet others and obtain a signature. We had very little resources in terms of money, but it won that election.

As my opponents resorted to the same “consulting class” type of campaigning.

Republicans need to quit fooling themselves with the belief that the wins are in the “independents”. MANY Independents are those former Republicans who simply gave up on hearing the things that were important to them from the Republican Party. They left because no one thinks about them until election time. They left because the only contact they get is by way of mailer begging for their vote 3-4 weeks before an election. And the sad truth is that the “consulting class” is lining their pockets with every mailer and every ad they place.

Human nature tells us that people want to be LISTENED to, and not talked to. Simply start a conversation and shut up and watch what happens You can bet you will hear what that person is thinking and feeling. It would be to the Republican’s advantage to do the same. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason!

And the Republicans need to quit letting the Democrats drive the narrative. We can’t sum up our positions in a 15 second sound bite. We have to listen to people and explain then and only then that our positions fill their needs. And they do. If you don’t think that people aren’t concerned about the Federal, State and local Debt, then ask them what they think about the impact it will have on their children and grandchildren. THEN you have an opportunity to explain why Democrats will never end the burden they are going to be carrying for the rest of their lives.Simple ideas with people are what Republicans MUST have and they need to take it face to face with people.

I have been a Republican all my life and have seen the changes from within the Party as well as as a voter who doesn’t participate except to vote.What’s inside isn’t pretty and the games played are vicious. Republicans future lies in the people who vote and will become involved in carrying the message of simplicity to others. Unless they do, then they are going to see defeat after defeat because the Democrats will beat them at the ground game every single time using current Republican methods.

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